What gifts to give to employees

In most companies, the birthdays of colleagues, or employees of companies and institutions, are celebrated together. Only 3% of companies do not celebrate employees’ birthdays. In 9% of cases, colleagues are greeted only at the initiative of their closest colleagues, and even then everyone buys the gift themselves.

gifts for emplyees

Most often, colleagues initiate and also cover the cost of the anniversary gift – this happens in 71% of the companies where gifting is organized by colleagues. Well, it is usual that the company also buys gifts for employees – this happens in 39% of cases. It often happens that the company gives a standard gift, which is predictable, but FromMe gift card research colleagues take care of a personalized gift or surprise.
Most often, a birthday gift is bought for $20 or $30. About 30% of companies buy a gift for $50 or more. Very few companies have a gift worth $100 or more.

Most often, the office manager is responsible for finding and purchasing gifts. Sometimes a friend is drawn by lottery to buy gifts for each other.

In order to find the best gift, the closest friends often help. “Call a friend” is a very common system – it is found out who knows a colleague or someone from his family best. It then finds out what the colleague likes, what he wants to receive as a birthday present. This kind of help is used in more than half of cases of searching for gifts. Often it is related to finding out if a colleague already has something that the team is going to give as a gift. There is also a possibility that a colleague’s friends or family are going to give the same gift on this very birthday.

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