Twitter Blaster Vs Broadcast Elite

Twitter Blaster and Broadcast Elite are both very powerful marketing tools which were created to drive tons of free targeted traffic to your website using Twitter. Both are free marketing tools. In this review, we will look at the pros and cons of Broadcast Elite vs Twitter Blaster and discuss which script is easier to use.

The idea behind Twitter Blaster and Broadcast Elite is to use downloadable products as a free give away from your website to generate traffic 스포츠중계. Starting with only a small amount of traffic to your site, each user who wants to download your give away must first tweet a promotional message to their Twitter page for all followers to see.

Twitter Blaster is a simple downloadable PHP script. The script claims to confirm the tweeted message, however, this isn’t very reliable. The idea is that when the followers see the promotional message, they click on the link to your page, enter their Twitter account name and password, which is not using OAuth – we’ll come back to this later – to tweet the same message to their followers and so on.

While it is a powerful tool and a good idea, there isn’t really a final goal for Twitter Blaster other than traffic. And although you might be saying, “that’s what I want”, It really shouldn’t end there. The goal of most online marketers is to build their email marketing list. Twitter Blaster doesn’t incorporate this in it’s functions.

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