Loyalty Cards Make Customers Feel Special

Customers can reap rewards by creating accounts with local or national businesses. In return, they receive membership or loyalty cards to present every time they make a purchase or visit the merchant’s location. They can receive better customer service, better prices or upgraded features, depending on the type of account they are offered and what type of membership cards they have.

Discounts are often available for repeat customers. This is both a reward and an incentive for people to patronize a certain business Trbsystem. In recent years, grocery stores have been a big proponent of these cards. Those that do not sign up for one cannot receive reduced prices or special offers for various products. The person must pay full price.

Some membership cards are just that. The customer pays a monthly or annual fee to gain membership to a place with special goods and services. Non-members are not admitted, while others are required to pay large deposits for the same privileges that members have earned. Some examples of requirement for admittance include health clubs, movie rental, libraries, wholesale food and department stores, and country clubs.

Special sales and opportunities are often available for those with special membership cards. The marketing materials may be sent to their e-mail address or to their home through direct mail marketing. Depending on the type of business and the cost of the product, buy-one-get-one offers or free products can bring considerable awards.

For example, certain entertainment venues have membership cards for concert-goers that allow them to go through faster security lines or to not have to wait to pick up their tickets. They may have special concession or comfort areas to visit during the event. When everyone else loses 15 to 30 minutes each in line for security, concessions and comfort areas, and the preferred members only spend 5 minutes each, it adds up.

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