Community Colleges Now Offering Four-Year Degrees

In this still-uncertain economy that remains rife with unemployment, hundreds of thousands of out-of-work blue- and white-collar professionals, competing for scarce available jobs, find themselves làm bằng đại học faced with the need to further their training, expand their skill sets, or in some cases change career paths altogether. Many are going back to school, some to obtain their first college degree, others to get an additional or more advanced degree that could give their résumé a much-needed competitive edge in a crowded marketplace.

In recent years, many “non-traditional” students who aren’t able to attend classes on the conventional resident college student’s full-time schedule – working parents, returning older students, students holding down a part-time or full-time job – have gravitated toward online degree programs that allow students to work toward their college degrees from home (or anywhere with a computer and an Internet connection) and at their own hours. As accredited online colleges and programs have proliferated, so have the number of students pursuing online college degrees.

These online college degrees, however, can often be pricey, requiring many students to take out a significant amount of money in student loans and private student loans. And some online universities have continued to offer only associate degrees and certificate programs, no bachelor’s or advanced degrees. As competition for jobs has intensified in a shrinking economy, many job-seeking professionals have found that their two-year college degree is going up against four-year and professional college degrees.

Community colleges have traditionally offered lower-income and non-traditional students a lower-priced, commuter-friendly, and part-time alternative to pricier online college degrees and full-time four-year colleges and universities. But the two-year community college degree has posed the same drawbacks as two-year online college degrees: When going up against four-year degrees in a job search, two-year degrees simply aren’t as competitive.

Now, however, students are finding a growing number of four-year degree options at community colleges. As more community colleges respond to increased student demand for affordable higher education, expanding their programs to include four-year bachelor’s degrees and applied baccalaureate degrees, new and returning students are increasingly able to obtain the academic pedigree of a four-year degree with much of the flexibility offered by online college degree programs but at the lower cost of a community college education.

Florida currently leads the nation with 14 community colleges authorized to award bachelor’s degrees, reports The new York Times, with 12 schools already having done so, in fields including fire safety management and veterinary technology (“Community Colleges Challenge Hierarchy With 4-Year Degrees, ” May 2, 2009). Nationwide, 17 states, including Nevada, Texas, and Washington, have granted community colleges the authority to award associate and bachelor’s degreesIt’s very important you read this before choosing any online social science degree program or school. The information I am about to give you here will help you make the right choice, no matter what kind of online degree or course you are contemplating on acquiring. I’m about to reveal to you very important points you need to take into consideration before selecting either an online social science degree program or online social science degree institution. It amazes me how so many students end up enrolling with the wrong institutions online. Any decision concerning your education should not be embarked upon without first getting the right information.

Earning an online social science degree has many advantages. An online student can benefit from the flexibility and convenience of the learning environment provided by an online social science degree program. An online social science degree can further your career aspirations. However, choosing a program can be a confusing process. One way of identifying a suitable program is to list your goals and then go through the listed programs carefully to see which one meets your compiled list best.

There are different types of online social science degrees. You can earn an online associate’s degree, bachelors or masters degree or even acquire a course completion certification diploma. To earn an accredited masters degree online, you must possess a bachelors degree from a regular or online institution. To earn an accredited online bachelors degree, you need to have at least a high school diploma or G. E. D.

Whether you are seeking online associates, bachelors, masters, or PhD degree in business, technology, health care, or education, online degree colleges in the us will not disappoint you. There are many excellent institutions to choose from. It’s up to you to decide which one you want. You can earn a recognized online social science degree from an accredited online college without having to relocate to where the school is located. As long as the online college degrees are from an accredited organization there is no depreciation in their value. Get your accredited online college degrees. Acceptance of online college degrees from all accredited institutions is definitely on the rise.

It is more cost effective pursuing your degree online as you can cut off many expenses such as traveling or transportation cost and other college expenses since you can attend the classes online from home. In additional, many college books are in electronic format which you can view or download from the online school learning system. This saves you the expenses in buying the text book. Besides that, the tuition fee for online social science degree programs is cheaper and you can complete your degree in a much shorter time.

Flexibility to fit into one’s busy schedule is one of the major advantages offered by an online social science degree. If you are someone who is looking to enhance your knowledge and get an extra degree that is related to your career field, but you don’t intend to put on-hold your current job just to meet the purpose; then, an online social science degree offers a perfect solution. Nowadays, online social science degree programs cover almost every subject offered by traditional “brick & mortar” social science degree program, colleges/universities. You can choose one that meets your needs and fits into your busy schedule.

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