Interesting facts about silver jewelry and useful tips

Silver (in Latin argentum, chemical symbol Ag ) is a chemical element with a white color, a beautiful metallic luster and falls under the category of precious metals. Since ancient times, silver has been used to make jewelry and ornaments, as the metal is soft and easy to work with. бижута And so far, silver occupies a leading role among metals in the jewelry industry. An interesting fact is that in countries such as the USA, Mexico, Thailand, China, India, Turkey, the majority of silver jewelry in the world is produced. In this article, we will look at many more interesting facts and useful information related to silver jewelry, starting with…

History of silver accessories

When it comes to the history of silver jewelry in our lands, there is a lot to tell. In Thracian culture in the 5th-3rd centuries BC. many different ornaments of different metals are known. In Thracian necropolises and tombs ornaments for the head, neck, cross, hands and feet, mainly made of silver, have been found. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this period is the famous jewelry technique, which the Thracians themselves developed to a very high level – the jewelry of this period is made with geometric and anthropomorphic figures, as well as with various plant and animal elements, extremely typical of this technique.

Silver also had a very strong spiritual aspect. In folk beliefs in our country, the metal was considered a means of protection against negative influences and a good luck charm. Silver coins were placed in the newlyweds’ shoes to keep the young family happy and healthy. Silver belt buckles are very common, silver ornaments decorated the sokaya (festive veiling of the married woman). Silver coins were sewn for health and luck on the clothes of the nappies.

Types of silver jewelry

In jewelry art, classical silver is often mixed with other metals, and through these mixtures the metal acquires different shades of color. The most popular silver jewelry with a silver-gray hue is made from silver with a concentration of 92. 5%, which is mixed with copper.

Below you can see other interesting examples of types of silver.

Black silver jewelry

Black silver occurs when ordinary silver is oxidized, which is treated with harsh chemical solutions. This process makes the jewelry extremely spectacular and glamorous.

Rhodium silver jewelry

Silver looks like white gold when rhodium metal is used for the outer and top layer of the material. The imitation is very successful, and rhodium jewelry is very suitable for those who are looking for classy jewelry, but at affordable prices.

Rose silver jewelry

In silver jewelry, pink silver also occupies a worthy place – spectacular and with a gentle look. It gets this look after classic silver is mixed with pink rhodium. Choosing rose silver jewelry is considered a sophisticated gift.

As a rule, sterling silver jewelry has a clean design and is rarely set with precious stones, as it is effective enough because of the colored precious metal.

Why silver jewelry is a preferred option

Today we can choose between hundreds of models of silver jewelry and accessories, with a classic design or an avant-garde look. There is also a sufficient choice in terms of the price range – from very affordable, simply made jewelry to true masterpieces of jewelry art and unique pieces from world-renowned companies.

Why should we not hesitate when betting on silver?

There are many reasons.

Silver has proven itself over the centuries as a timeless, durable metal – that’s why silver jewelry is often passed down through the generations as a family heirloom.

Silver is also always relevant and never goes out of fashion. No matter the occasion – company party, family dinner, business cocktail, official holiday, etc., classic silver jewelry will always look stylish and by no means out of fashion.

And last but not least – silver has healing properties. According to folk healers, silver bracelets stabilize the nervous system, relieve migraines and improve vision, and a silver ring on the left hand improves blood pressure.

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